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tramping program to august 2022

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28 August


Nikau Walk

Ray Hoare,

Dianne Lee

1+ and 2

11 September


Jenny West

1, 1.5

25 September


Colin Standing


9 October

Tui mine Loop

Pylon Short Loop

Keith Wilkinson

Ray Hoare

2 and 2+




Comries Road Church Hall


23 October

(Labour W/E)


Carol Davies               


6 November


Colin Standing


20 November


Sue Grocock

1 and 2

4 December

Christmas Lunch

& Bowentown Walk

Dianne Lee



Sunday 10 April     Waiorongamai/Te Aroha         Grade 1 
A change from the original program
5 April: An addition to the previous change!  
Grade 1: Come and join Dianne and Friends in one of her favourite areas , this is more of a social day with a hill.    This area is full of goldmining history and some interesting relics as well as great views.

Looking at doing the low level loop with some side trips and the coffee/ice cream in Te Aroha. Possibly a swim if time, so bring togs  and extra money. Just in case   Walking about 3-4 hours

Grade 2: Buck Rock ​

Leaving the carpark near the old crusher ruins, we take the Bulldozer Track to reach the top of Butlers Incline after about 11/2 hours . Time here to have a breather, a look at the Incline winding gear and maybe a snack. We turn left here on the Buck Rock Track for about 1/2 hour before climbing steeply to the top of Buck Rock where we can enjoy views over the Waikato Basin and lunch. After lunch we negotiate down and follow the Buck Rock Track down to rejoin the Bulldozer Track and work our way back to the vans.

We will not climb Buck Rock if it is raining as it can be dangerous.

Maybe a hot dip if enough people interested.

Expect to walk about 41/2 hours

Bring your COVID pass!
Depart: 8am  Return: 5 pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members );  $30.00 (non members)
Leaders: G1 - Dianne & friends  G2 Colin Standing and others
Bookings open:   5pm Monday 28 March
Contact Dianne Lee  Phone/txt 027 272 6617  Email

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Sunday 24 April     Waihi Ramble                                             Grade 1+

Part 1. Make our way to Waihi Gilmore lake for morning tea  and then follow the Ohinemuri stream to Black Hill, continue around the base and return back to the lake.

Part 2. Moving onto an area of Bamboo Grove where we see the ore conveyor belt to look at cyanide tanks and ruins of the Union Battery.  We head onto Martha’s Pit to walk around the rim.

On way home ice cream stop, so bring extra money.

Bring your COVID pass!

Depart:  7.30am            Returning: approx. 5pm

Leaders:  Roger and friends

Bookings open:  to Keith  from Monday April 11 5pm     – phone or text   027 366 6194


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Sunday 8 May Waikato River Walk Grades 1 & 2
New section of the bike trail from Avantidrome to Hooker Road (10 to 20km) 
Note that this is Mother’s Day, it is a really easy walk, close to Hamilton, so we are starting at 9:00am.
The carpool will head out on SH1 and park at the Avantidrome car park (about a 20-minute drive). The walkway is an easy graded concrete footpath running alongside the Waikato River and surrounded by farmland. It is a very pleasant walk along the newest section of the walkway only opened in March.
Grade 1. Will walk for two hours at their own pace and then return to the vans for a total of 4 hours walking
Grade 2. Will walk for two hours out and two hours return expecting to cover the full 20km length of this section
The intention is to coordinate our return time to the cars, so no one is left waiting.
We should be able to have a cup of coffee at the Avantidrome if anyone feels like doing so.
Depart: 9am Return: 3pm
Cost: $10.00 given to the driver of your car
Leaders:  Grade 2 – Tony and Rose  Grade 1 – to be organised on the day
Bookings: No bookings are required, just turn up and we will carpool
Contact: Tony Dickens    Phone 0274 764 098  Email

Sunday 22 May Katikati Grade 2
Eliza Mine Loop Track
This is an approx. 7km and 5-6 hour return trip at a Dianne pace, so you can do it.  This was last done by the club in 2018.  The challenges are  stream crossings which could be slippery but not deep, so wet feet and you will need poles because there will be mud. 
We start on the Katikati side of Thompsons Track and then join the Eliza Mine Track which climbs to join a historic pack track that was built to convey supplies and equipment via pack horse to the mines.  We follow a gully to the mine junction but will not be doing the steep climb up to the mine as it is not in great condition. 
We cross the Waitekohe Stream and zig zags to meet Thompsons Track again.  It’s downhill from here on a very rough extreme 4WD track which is muddy clay with steep slopes and trenches and massive deep muddy pools. We will be taking our time getting back to the vehicles.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 6pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Keith and Friends
Bookings Open: Monday 9 May @ 6pm
Contact: Keith Wilkinson  Phone 07 847 4399  Txt 027 366 6194

Sunday 5 June      Huntly Grade 1
Lakes Hakanoa and Puketirini
We are meeting at our usual car park and will carpool from here, no bookings required as this is Queens Birthday weekend.
The first stop is Lake Puketirini on the western side of the Waikato River, is a man-made lake developed from a disused coal mine pit.  We will have morning tea before we start.  The lake track is about 3.5km long, on well-formed gravel and almost completely level. There is a side trip which does have a small hill. It is an exposed area so bring a jacket.
We then make our way to Lake Hakanoa which is on the eastern side of Huntly township where we will have lunch and a nice stroll around the lake or visa versa.  This lake is a riverine Lake with links to the Waikato River, which lies 300m to the west.
Ice cream stop on way home.
Depart: 8am Return: 4pm approx
Cost: $10.00 given to the driver of your car
Leaders: Dianne and Friends
Bookings not required
Contact: Dianne Phone/Txt 027 272 6617

Saturday      11 June Hamilton Grade 1
Night Walk – Hamilton Lake
Starting point at the lake entrance off Lake Crescent and Innes Common by the yacht club.  Meet at 5pm and bring warm clothing and a torch plus a mug. Walking time approx ¾-1 hour on a good surface. Return to the shelters at the starting point for soup and bread plus sausages and bread. 
There will be no charge for this event – the club will be providing the refreshments.
Caterers will be Keith, Dianne and Pam. 
For catering purposes please indicate if you will be attending by 4 June to Pam
Meeting time: 5pm 
Cost: Nil – refreshment provided by club
Caterers: Keith, Dianne and Pam
Bookings: Contact Pam Cornforth Phone 07 856 5922 Txt 027 278 0690 Email

Sunday 19 June Rotorua Grade 1+
Rotorua Surprise
We make our way to our favourite place, Rotorua, with a comfort stop on the way. We are going to walk three different tracks, the longest being 2½ hours, which we believe has not been walked by the club before. 
Starting off with morning tea at the Blue Lake, then walk up to Keith’s nature walk about 30-40m.  Make our way back down to the Blue Lake and head on past the Top10 camp towards our second Track, Pam’s walk.  You will need poles for this one and it is about 1-1.5 hours. This walk takes you from the Blue Lake to Lake Okareka where the vans will pick you up. 
From here we go back to the Blue Lake for lunch and then head for Dianne’s track which is up hill so you will need poles and is about 2½ hours.  This track is shared with mountain bikes so we will need to take care.  
We will end up meeting the vans at the mountain bike park area known as Forest Hub 2 car park where there are toilets and changing facilities.  Then on our way home with an ice cream stop at Tirau.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 6pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders:  G1+ Pam and Friends
Bookings Open: Monday 6 June at 6pm
Contact Pam Cornforth Phone 07 856 5922 Txt 027 278 0690 Email       

Sunday 3 July Te Uku Windfarm Grades 1 & 2
Pipiwharauroa Trail
The vans will head out on SH3/ Kawhia Rd and park at the entrance to the track near Te Uku Quarry which is about a 55-minute drive. The track is a reasonable uphill grade on a farm road. It is very exposed to wind and rain so an alternative walk along Raglan Beach will be available should the weather be unreasonable.
From the carpark, the wind turbines look like they’re only a short distance away. But the full trail to the top and return is 18km with a 300m vertical climb.  From the turbines, the views are amazing. On a clear day it’s possible to see the distinctive cone of Mt Taranaki in the far distance.
Grade 1’s will walk uphill for 2½ hours at their own pace and then return to the vans.
Grade 2’s will walk to the top, have lunch below the turbines and return to the van in five hours.
Depart: 8.30am Return: 4pm
Cost: $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: G1 Tony and Friends  G2 Rose and Ron
Bookings Open: Monday 20 June at 6pm
Contact: Tony Dickens  Phone/Txt 0274 764 098  Email

Sunday 17 July Waitetuna Grades 1 & 2
Hillary Hope Reserve
The vans will head out towards Te Pahu and take old Mountain Road to reach the reserve. It is only a 30-minute drive from Hamilton.  The 460ha reserve adjoins the Four Brothers Scenic Reserve and the Karamu Walkway. The entrance is at 732 Old Mountain Road, Waitetuna. There are toilets at the carpark.
Grade 1’s will walk the David Thom loop first and follow up with the Mangakiriri Loop if they feel like a longer walk. Total walking time would be 3.5 hours.
Grade 2’s will walk the three loop tracks for a total walking time of 5 hours with three climbs of 100 vertical metres and muddy underfoot conditions.
1) David Thom Loop Track
Description: Intermediate track generally well formed with some steep sections that may be rough or slippery in July. 
Time: 2 hours with 100m vertical climb.
2) Hope Loop Track
This track is closed annually over the lambing season (approx. 1 August – 31 October).
Description: Advanced track with numerous very steep, rough, slippery sections
Time: 3 hours with a 130-metre vertical climb
3) Mangakirikiri Loop Track
Intermediate-advanced track with some rough, slippery and very steep sections
Time: 1.5 hours with a 100-metre vertical climb.
Depart: 8.30am Return: 4pm
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: G1 Rose and Friends G2 Tony and Ron
Bookings Open: Monday 4 July @ 6pm
Contact: Tony Dickens Phone/Txt 0274 764 098 Email

Sunday 31 July Mt Maunganui Grade 1   
Mauao (Mount Maunganui) + Hot Pools
A great way to spend a winters day. A walk with good company, good views and a hot soak. The vans will take us to “The Mount” and there a variety of ways to enjoy the Mauao experience.
► A leisurely walk around the base track 3.4 km
►The Waikorire Track is the steepest track to the summit of 232 metres with well-formed  steps winding up eastern side of the volcano
► The Oruahine Track around the northern and western sides, eventually joining the 4WD track to the top 
► All the way up to the top on the 4WD track
Afterwards enjoy a hot soak/swim at the Mount Pools with maybe coffee or ice cream (or both).
Depart: 8.30am Return: 5pm
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Colin and Margaret Standing and friends
Bookings Open: Monday 18 July @ 6pm
Contact: Colin or Margaret Phone 07 8551335 Txt 027 3266886 Email

Saturday 6th August      MID WINTER LUNCH 
 At  Matte Black    St Andrews Golf Course
Matte Black are offering a menu choice of either  corn fritters, chicken salad, fish n chips  with small bite size slice and filter coffee 
$25pp,  Or you can choose from the cabinet or their menu.
The bar will be open
Meet at 12noon, Lunch is at  12.30
Bookings to Pam please by 30 July for catering
Bookings Open: Monday 4 July @ 5.30pm  Close: Saturday 30 July @ 5pm
Contact: Pam Cornforth  Phone 07 856 5922 Txt 027 278 0690 Email   

Sunday 14 August Waipapa Grades 1 & 3 
Waipapa Dam to the Mangarewa Suspension Bridge
The vans will head south for an 80-minute drive to the Waipapa Dam. There are toilets at the dam car park.  Starting from the Waipapa Dam we walk north (towards Hamilton) following the Waikato River. 
After walking only 1km the trail hits the Tumai steps. The reward at the top of the steps is awesome views down the lake. Another 9km from the steps is the spectacular 80m long Mangarewa suspension bridge which is 42m above the stream below. This is an out and back trail so we will be retracing our steps back to the Waipapa Dam where the vans will be parked.
Grade 1’s will walk the trail at their own pace and after 2 or 3 hours return to the vans at the Waipapa Dam for a total of 4 to 6 hours walking.
Grade 3’s will walk to the suspension bridge and return for a total distance of 20km. Expect to walk for 6 to 7 hours.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 5pm
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: G1 Tony and Friends G3 Rose and Ron
Bookings Open: Monday 1 August@ 6pm
Contact: Tony Dickens Phone/Txt 0274 764 098 Email

Sunday 28 August Pirongia Grades 1+ & 2
Ruapane Variation and Nikau Walk with Kaniwhaniwha Caves
Grade 1+ We will go Pirongia to Limeworks Loop Road, where we will park have and have an early morning tea before starting off on our walk along a lovely track that follows a stream and is lush with nikau palms and fern trees. We will make our way to the limestone caves, they are approx. 20m long for the main cave. There is a short hands and knees crawl and can be wet under foot, so bring a torch, you will have an opportunity to try to get through them if you wish.   The walk is approx. 7km
Grade 2 We will have a relatively short day, but in good weather we should have good views and a nice bush walk.
This track is Ruapane from Corcoran Road but walked as a loop. We will go up the usual track, but about halfway up we will cut across to the track that comes up from Waite Road using one of the very good quality bait line tracks. About 1.5 hours to the trig station. Instead of returning down the usual route, we use a track that descends the ridge to the west. It is an old tramping track, but well-marked with tape.
Depart: 9am Return: 3pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Grade 1+ Dianne & Friends  Grade 2 Ray
Bookings open: Monday 15 August @ 6pm
Contact: Dianne Txt 027 272 6617 Email

Sunday 11 September Rotorua Grades 1- 1 ½
Ngongotaha Summit via Jubilee Track and Nature Loop Walk 
We will start our walk from the car park on Paradise Valley Road and head up Mt Ngongotaha.
Access to the Nature Loop starts at Jubilee Track and follows an easy grade through unlogged native bush. This part of the track features a large rata with a viewing platform. Past this is the signpost for the Nature Loop Walk to left and right, a circular loop with gentle grades and even surfaces, and sidles along the lower contours of Mt Ngongotaha and returns to the car park having crossed and re-joined Jubilee Track near the rata.
There is opportunity to complete the first part of the Nature Loop and then strike off uphill along Jubilee Track towards the summit, or to return to the car park via the other section of the Nature Loop. Jubilee Track is moderately steep from the Loop intersection until near the summit. 
The final part of the track crosses Mountain Road for the last little climb. There is no view at the top due to surrounding trees.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leader: Jenny West
Bookings open: Monday 29 August @ 6pm
Contact: Jenny West Txt 027 611 0550  Email

Sunday 25 September Tauranga Grade 1
Tect Park – Te Rerenga, Lucitanica and Sequoia tracks
This is the first time the Club has been to this area – 1650ha set aside for multiple activities. The Te Rerenga Track starts from the carpark at the park entrance (toilets available) and winds through mature pine forest, around a pond, to finally descend into a gully with boardwalks taking us through a hand-dug 60m tunnel that diverted the stream under SH36. 
A short climb brings us to Peterson's Camp, where the tunnel workers lived during the tunnel construction period. The track then starts to ascend towards the Te Araroha Road and diverts right along the Lucitanica track to end at the Equestrian Hub. Maybe lunch under cover here – also a toilet available. 
A short walk then takes us along the Mangakopikopiko Road before diverting left on to the Sequoia track (a shared walking/horse riding track) which undulates southwards. The track can be a little slippery in places of exposed clay. The track finally turns north again alongside the Te Araroha Road before diverting off into the bush to arrive at Peterson's Camp once more. From here it’s a short walk through mature trees back to the carpark. Expect to walk approx. 10km at a leisurely rate, with time for coffee or ice cream at Pyes Pa shops.  Bring a torch for the tunnel walk.
Depart: 8am (check your clocks as will be first morning of Daylight Savings) Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Colin and Margaret Standing and John Sheat
Bookings open: Monday 12 September @ 6pm
Contact: Colin Phone/Txt 027 326 6886 Email

Sunday 9 October Te Aroha Grades 2/2+
Tui Mine Loop – Grade 2 
While the higher grade group are doing the harder walk in the Waiorongomai Valley we will drive up Tui Road to the carpark then walk steeply up the road to the Old Tui Mine site then retrace back down through the bush to our vans or go out to Hamilton Street and be picked up from there 
Pylon short loop track - Grade 2+
This is a round trip in the Waiorongomai Valley, but a shorter one than the two others that have been led by Ray in the past. We start the trip up the Pylon track, taking it only to an altitude of 500m or so. At a certain point, a short track, about 300m, connects to the northern part of the Kauri Grove Loop Track. Although the southern part of that loop is closed, the northern part is still usable. 
After we pick up the north arm of the Kauri Grove Track we then get into the Waiorongomai Stream tracks which we follow back to the car.
Total distance about 6km. Altitude gain about 500m. Estimated duration 5 hours.
Depart: 8am Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: G2 - Keith and Friends  G2+ - Ray
Bookings open: Monday 26 September at 6pm
Contact: Keith Phone/Txt 027 366 6194
Tuesday 11 October 2022 7.30pm

AGM Comries Road Church Hall  AGM

Sunday 23 October Te Awamutu All Grades 
Kakepuku - Labour Weekend
This is information from the Department of Conservation’s notes: The first 5-10 minutes follow a wide easy path to a grassy area and low-level viewing platform. From there it is a steady climb on an old farm track that winds round Kakepuku to a point 400 metres below the summit. Steps take you from here through bush to the summit with its excellent views and historic features.
We will have morning tea and lunch on the track, depending on our progress and the weather. We may stop at Yarndley’s bush on the way home.
This walk has an open grading because we will all be walking together. It is 3.7kms, just under two hours walking one way, on a good track but it is a hill of 449m.
Depart: 8am Return: When we’re done
Cost: $10.00 to car driver (carpooling)
Leaders: Carol Davies
Bookings: Not required – just turn up
Contact: Carol  Phone/Txt 027 319 0852

Sunday 6 November Putaruru Grade 1
Waihou Walkway - Blue Springs
The track starts from Whites Road carpark and follows the Waihou Walkway to the famous Blue Spring, one of the purest water sources in the world. Travelling alongside the Waihou River, the track winds through wetlands, across rolling pastoral land with views of small waterfalls and on to the beautiful turquoise blue pristine water of the Blue Spring. 
The round trip is about 10 km and will take about 3 to 4 hours at a leisurely pace. 
There will be time for ice-cream or coffee on the way home.
Depart: 8am Return: 4pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Colin and Friends
Bookings open: Monday 24 October @ 6pm
Contact: Colin and Margaret Standing Phone/Txt 027 326 6886 Email

Sunday 20 November Raglan Grades 1 & 2
Raglan Ramble
Grade 1
We will park the vans at Raglan Reserve and walk the beach down to the surf club where we will have morning tea. From here we go up a small hill to the Bryant Home, walk to the lookout and return same way back to the reserve.  Approx 2hrs walking. 
Grade 2
From the Raglan Reserve we will walk down the beach to the surf club for morning tea. From here up the Bryant Home Track to the Water Trail Track then on the road for a short distance to Wainui Reserve . We will go through the reserve and have lunch at picnic spot in the reserve. From here there will be some road walking then return along the beach to the vans. There are stairs on this trip. Expect to walk about 4 hours.  
Both options should have time for coffee and ice creams at Raglan township afterwards.
Depart: 8am Return: 4pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Sue & Friends
Bookings open: Monday 7 November @ 6pm
Contact: Sue Grocock  Phone/Txt 027 440 2448  Email

Sunday 4 December Waihi Beach All Grades
End of year Christmas Lunch and Bowentown Ramble
We are going to make our way to Bowentown, have morning tea and then set off on a nice ramble in the area. At the end of the walk its change into our glad rags for a delicious buffet lunch at the Waihi Beach RSA.
If you would just like to come for the lunch meet at the Waihi RSA at 12.30 noon for lunch at 1pm. 
The bar will be open, so bring extra money. 
The Sunday buffet is $17.00pp and dessert is $12.00pp, or you can order from their menu on the day at varying prices.  All meals are to be paid for on the day direct to the RSA.  They have provided a great meal in the past and will decorate the tables for the festive season.
For catering purposes and van bookings please book in by Wednesday 30 November.
There is no club subsidy for the lunch as the prices are reasonable.
Depart: 7.30am  Return: 5-6pm
Cost: Transport $25 members $30 non-members
          Lunch - Paid direct to the RSA on the day
Leaders: Keith, Pam, Jenny and Dianne
Bookings open: Monday 31 October    Close: Wednesday 30 November
Contact: Dianne Phone/txt 027 272 6617 Email