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The Origins of the Wanderers

Rex Foley was one of the early members of this club, and I thank him for the following information.

On 24-25 February 1968 the first Club trip was to Raglan, for a weekend. However,  the stimulus was a trip that a group of Waikato Historical Society members took to participate in the final journey of a 60-year old bush tramway in the logging country southeast of Litchfield. During the course of the day some of the participants discussed the idea of forming an "Activities Club" to pursue a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. This resulted in an advert being placed in the Waikato Times on 17 February 1968 to invite like-minded people to go o a trip to Raglan the following weekend.

The title "The Wanderers" was used initially, but later in 1968 it was expanded to "The wanderers Travel Group", partly because travel groups could get discounts on public transport systems. The club was incorporated under that name (following a lengthy discussion) in 1971.

During the 1970's there was a rapid expansion of many good walking tracks, and the club evolved into an almost pure tramping club. The name was changed in August 1993 to "The Wanderers Tramping Club Inc" in August 1993.